I’m very excited about Graphics Design. I have designed the logo in a natural way. But I’m skilled at Minimalist Logo. I learned this from an intelligent graphics academy(ICT Division Bangladesh). Over the last 2 years I have been working as a trainer in different academies.

To produce consistently high-quality logos,my design process, or “assembly line.” This should include the following steps:

  •  Research about minimalist logo
  •  Brainstorm and generate ideas
  •  Preliminary sketches
  •  Develop vector format
  •  Send to client
  •  Add or remove anything the client wants
  •  Finalize the design and resubmit to client

I’ll provide you whatever:

  1. High Resolution with Vector File
  2. Minimalist logo source File
  3. 3D Mockup
  4. Unlimited Revisions
  5. Full Copyright
  6. Pop, sleek and powerful

Which is needed:

  1. Any source for minimalist design
  2. Logo name/ title
  3. Tag line
  4. Color and Font Preferences
  5. Description

Ask me freely for any needs
It is possible to have a good relationship with you through the work.

Thank You!