This platform provides a dynamic place for life and business coaches to keep their clients efficiently served. With one-stop invoices, mass emailing, and online scheduling, a coach can streamline their approach to organizing their business. The site even offers group packages for a business that has multiple coaches. Nonetheless, for the complex needs of the ultra-high-net-worth client, WealthTec arguably has no competitors for its capabilities to illustrate the most complex financial, tax, and estate planning strategies. In fact, the company even offers a WealthTec PlanXPRT service for those who need additional support in fully utilizing the software’s capabilities to analyze client scenarios.

The inclusion of tax planning tools is one of the most important things that sets the software apart from its competitors. The program is based around three distinct packages of services , with a fourth tier reserved for customized enterprise relationships.

Mint is more focused on basic budgeting and money management than it is on investing. Still, it’s got a good user interface that’s easy to navigate, and it’s great for users who are mainly interested in tracking their spending and keeping on budget. The app works on both mobile and desktop, so it might also be good for someone who wants to manage their finances on the go.

  • Setup is FREE, meaning no expensive one-time fees, no monthly service fees, and you pay only for the transactions you process.
  • EZ Payment Services integrates easily with EZCare & EZ-CARE2 software.
  • HiMama is fun, easy-to-use software for savvy child care programs that are tired of paperwork taking over their centers.
  • If you are looking for boring administrative software you have come to the wrong place.

And three different company ownerships team viewer in the past 5 years haven’t helped, either. Good planning software fills the void by doing the requisite ‘number-crunching’ necessary to calculate projected outcomes, so that a client can evaluate the consequences of any particular financial trade-off or decision. In 2010, Michael was recognized with one of the FPA’s “Heart of Financial Planning” awards for his dedication and work in advancing the profession. RightCapital also offers a mobile-friendly user-interface, which tech-savvy advisors may appreciate.

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The program is currently under review for credentialing under the ICF as an Accredited Coaching Training Program and is already an Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours program. What makes this program unique is the position in which graduate coaches get to stand with positive psychology. These well-trained coaches are able to provide scientifically proven approaches to improved well being and life satisfaction efficiently.

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Notably, though, in the transition to the cloud NaviPlan reduced some detailed cash flow features and alienated long-standing users, many of whom went to eMoney Advisor as the closest cash-flow based alternative. In addition, its slow transition to the cloud – NaviPlan only began developing a web-based version late last decade, and didn’t fully dial down its desktop version until 2014 – contributed to further losing market share.